Transylvania Regional Balneo-tourism Cluster

About the Cluster

At the initiative of seven national organizations and line ministries, the first balneological tourism cluster was founded in Romania, in February 2014, with the name TRANSYLVANIA Regional Balneotourism Cluster, covering the Centru Region of Romania.


Balneary Resorts

Once we heard about some resorts where people could go to find cures for physical and mental shortcomings. This source of healing was discovered in spring waters bursting from the depths of the earth until today (moffets, salty water), but, in time, visitors have found in this places much more than that, they have found welcoming locals, who treated them as friends. The image of the balneary resort isn’t characterized by the appearance of the streets or buildings, but by culture and the warm attitude of the locals. These small resorts that had existed in a large number across country were characterized by the specificity of the region.

Balneology – science of nature & health

Balneology is a special science in which items meet sustainability naturally and once ensured the viability of the resort, the balneology resources were capitalized through tourism. The awareness of the huge potential and the desire to highlight these values led to the establishment of the Transylvania Regional Cluster, at the initiative of seven national organizations, resort two years ago. This cluster provides a framework for regional actors to work, developing the field together.

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