About the Balneo Cluster

At the initiative of seven national organizations and line ministries, the first balneological tourism cluster was founded in Romania, in February 2014, with the name TRANSYLVANIA Regional Balneotourism Cluster, covering the Centru Region of Romania.

The main activity axes are based on the prevention of diseases, trough wellbeing, mental health, treatment and manage of the diseases, all this integrating in a self-care package. In this area has a varied scale of “health springs” that can reveal a global impact, if the local, regional or national entities join their forces in a strategic partnership.

We have established The Transylvania Cluster to inspire collaboration among the many sectors that have the potential to benefit from the responsible use of natural mineral waters including: individuals, health specialists, educational institutions, hospitals, spa health resort owners, insurance providers and health policy specialists, as well as environmental protection services such as water quality, conservation, city & regional planners, architects, and landscape designers.

The initiators identified several objectives, as creating integrated and complex tourism produces, to participate or to initiate research projects and to introduce innovation to this trade of medical and health tourism, modernization of the buildings

from the partner arias, creating an unitary and coherent politics for the cluster. The cluster stimulated research among the field, developing new products and services especially in medical industry.


The most important achievements of the cluster in research are:

  • “Therapeutic benefits of Natural Factors in Baile Tusnad Resort for the Rehabilitation of Patients with Parkinson’s Disease” presented at the the 40th World Congress of the International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology – ISMH, 24 Brazilian Congress of Mineral Industry – Brazil 2015.
  • Clinical Study of the Effectiveness of Natural Therapeutic Factors in Baile Tusnad Resort in the Rehabilitation of Post-Stroke Patients, Brazil 2015


The Cluster is a solution for the problems that sets back for years this trade, it’s important to mention that the natural resources from this zone are unique on Europe. We are speaking about the mineral waters (wide sort scale), lakes with salty water, salt mines, gases with therapeutically effect, etc.

We are interested in partnerships that support the development of medical and health tourism, active aging technologies and treatments, to promote the prevention of disease, the development of health resorts.