Healthy Baths


Baile Tusnad is a city in Harghita county , called the “Pearl of Transylvania” or “Little Switzerland”. It was founded in 1842, but during the revolution of 1849 was destroyed. The reconstruction of the resort began only in the year 1852. In 1861 the area was already known as Tusnad, but only in 1890 will be declared resort .
This resort is famous for its pure air, mineral springs, moffets, the healing properties were known since the XVIII century.


Bazna is a village in the north-west of Sibiu, with an average altitude of 320 m.
A permanent resort is known for its healing effects of mineral water springs and not least therapeutic mud. There are treatments for rheumatism, arthritis ,post traumatic conditions.


It is a village located in the county of Covasna, famous for the mineral water springs.
Biborteni mineral waters are bottled and sold under the brand “Biborteni”.


Located in Harghita county with an average population of 2585. The town owns his name for his rich mineral resources and also for many therapeutic and quality treatments.
The mineral water is considered the “The Queen of Mineral Waters”, awarded in an exhibition organized in Berlin in the year 1876 with a silver medal, diploma of honor.


The resort is known for ancient times as “Devils Pond” the most interesting phenomena of post –volcanic neighborhood . It is rich is mineral springs, carbonated, calcium, magnesium emission of carbon dioxide mofette.


There are a few examples when natural disasters have as consequences not major destruction and loss but capable garnish geography changes.
– Lake formation occurred in 1837 after 20 years from the event that give rise of the lake.
– Three tourists from Gheorgheni visited the lake and from their opinion “they have found a corner of paradise.”


Malnas village is located between Baraolt and Bodoc Mountains. The village become known after his mineral water and ferruginous mineral water, carbonated and calcium are used in internal treatments such as kidney diseases.


It is located 17 km from Sibiu. The resort has numerous salty lakes, some of them were declared natural monuments.
The high concentrations salty waters of the lakes ,mud treatments, and the relaxing climate have sedative effects on the human body.
Salty lakes have a concentration of salt 26gr/l.


It is a city in Brasov located at the highest altitude in Romania. Predeal is recommended both for recreation and for recovery due to clean the air, dust or other allergens rich in ozone and ultraviolet radiation ionizing the atmosphere and relatively low air pressure.
Prahova Vally s mountain climate with cool summers and winter figure makes Predeal a real tourist interest in all seasons.


Sovata becomes a resort in 1850. The reputation is due to water lakes containing sodium clorulate shown heliothermic signs.
Treatments are indicated in gynecological diseases, inflammatory and rheumatic diseases.


It is a village in Covasna county, become known after the mineral water springs.
In the seventeenth century the first shelters are being built of wood and stone for the sick people who came to the therapeutic treatment of cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases etc.
Valcele works at a sanatorium for with hepatitis profile.