Strategia Dunării

Consortium of the Thermal – Balneological Tourism Clusters in the Danube Region

At the initiative of seven national organizations and line ministries, the first balneological tourism cluster was founded in Romania, in February 2014, with the name TRANSYLVANIA Regional Balneotourism Cluster, covering the Middle Region of Romania.

Following this initiation, during the year of 2014 two other clusters were launched with the same mission, the MUNTENIA Regional Balneotourism Cluster – South Region of Romania and TRANSILVANIA NORD Regional Balneotourism Cluster – North-West Region of Romania. Balneological Tourism Clusters, Thermal, Spa and Wellness Clusters have the principal common aim to exploit natural resources by tourism. We propose a trans-national cooperation between these structures, together promoting the Danube Region as a health tourism destination, based on natural resources, starting with the prevention of diseases, trough wellbeing, mental health, treatment and manage of the diseases, all this integrating in a self-care package. The Danube Region with a varied scale of ”health springs” can reveal a global impact, if the local, regional or national clusters join their forces in a strategic partnership. In our opinion this Network of Thermal and Balneology Clusters in the Danube Region should sign a collaboration agreement.
Considering the third priority of the Danube Region Strategy, namely „To promote culture and tourism, people to people contacts” and the significant potential of this areas, we also suggest cooperation on common projects, which can serve the development of natural treatment based healing and self-care management or personalized health management.